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What is the HIV-SAM project?

The HIV-SAM Project supports HIV prevention and sexual health promotion with Sub-Saharan African Migrants (SAM) in Flanders. Together with the Sub-Saharan African communities and their leaders we develop, implement and evaluate targeted HIV prevention campaigns.

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Positive prevention

We work together with Sub-Saharan African migrants living with HIV on multiple areas for HIV prevention. HIV-SAM offers culturally tailored support services  such as individual counseling and support groups. We aim at empowering people living with HIV according to GIPA principles, i.e. to achieve ‘greater involvement of people living with HIV/AIDS’ in their own care and support, as well as in HIV prevention. On request, we provide advice to professionals  on culturally sensitive care and support.

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Promotion of HIV testing

We promote early HIV testing and counseling and linkage to care for Sub-Saharan African Migrants (SAM). We aim at reducing existing barriers to HIV testing and counseling, thereby increasing the number of SAM who know their HIV status. To achieve this we work on two levels:

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Primary HIV prevention and stigma reduction

We support community-based organizations in HIV prevention activities and in setting up actions to reduce HIV related stigma and discrimination. We work with key organizations in the field , and with HIV prevention networks consisting of socio-cultural Sub-Saharan African community-based organizations and their leaders. Organizations and community members who want to join us in this endeavour, can find more information here…

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Operational research and underlying principles of our work

Our work is informed by scientific evidence ( either through own operational research or available state-of-the-art scientific evidence). HIV-SAM adopts a participatory approach in working together with affected communities, and aims at tailoring prevention activities to the real needs of people and communities affected. Prevention activities are therefore gender-specific and culturally sensitive.

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Haal hiv uit de kast op de Belgian Pride

Haal hiv uit de kast op de Belgian Pride     Sensoa neemt ook dit jaar deel aan de Belgian Gay Pride op zaterdag 20 mei. De Pride is een groot feest, ook voor mensen met hiv. En dat laten we zien. We halen hiv uit de kast! Doe je mee? Haal hiv uit de …

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Muungano members co-create a communication tool on living well with HIV

In collaboration with the HIV-SAM project of ITM, Ipropeller, and Clarice illustrations, members of Muungano association co-created a brochure  entitled “ Understanding HIV in order to live well with it”. The distinguishing mark of this brochure is that it has been created by people living with HIV themselves. “Cet brochure est notre histoire” remarked on …

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Network meeting for quality improvement of HIV-SAM activities

On the 18th of February 2016, an important delegation of the HIV prevention ambassadors, who work in collaboration with the Hiv-Sam Project met in order exchange on how to improve the quality of the project‘s services for better results. During the meeting, the HIV-SAM team presented the results of 2016 and the planning for 2017 …

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Antwerp diner welcomes 3 Muungano patients

Last year patient group Muungano won the Marc De Punt Award. This year three members of this group attend the diner and were able to tell the jury what they were able to realize with this award.

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Uitnodiging: Zanzu Netwerkdag 23 02 2017 Seksualiteit & empowerment van migranten

Op donderdag 23 februari 2017 vindt de Zanzu Netwerkdag plaats. De dag stelt als thema seksualiteit en empowerment van migranten centraal. Het wordt een boeiende mix van sprekers, workshops en netwerkingactiviteiten. Alle professionals die werken met asielzoekers, nieuwkomers en migranten zonder wettig verblijf zijn van harte welkom in het Huis van de Sport in Antwerpen! De dag …

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Voorstelling van een nieuwe tool ter preventie van vrouwelijke genitale verminking (VGV)

Op 17 januari 2017 vindt in het Instituut voor gelijkheid van vrouwen en mannen een evenement plaats met als doel een nieuwe tool voor te stellen.  Deze nieuwe tool is een handleiding met goede praktijken voor de verschillende sectoren die te maken kunnen krijgen met vrouwen en meisjes die het slachtoffer zijn of dreigen te …

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17-12-2016 Presentation “Better Understanding HIV for better living with it”

On 17 December 2016 at 12 o’clock, Sint-Rochusstraat 40, 2000 Antwerp, Room Karibu, some co-creators living with HIV will proudly present the brochure they produced together with Clarice Illustrations, Institute of Tropical Medicin, Muungano, Oksigen Lab. This will explain more about HIV so it enables you to cope better with living with HIV by better a …

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Muungano group at Blankenberge

Every year in autumn, Muungano group goes to Blankenberge with Sensoa positive. This year, this famous outing, which includes relaxation, learning, and sharing experiences among people living with HIV of different ages, languages, cultures, and sex orientations took place on from the 7th to the 9th October 2016. blankenberge.

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Zanzu Network day 23 February 2017

Save the date: Zanzu Netwerkdag 23 02 2017 Sensoa nodigt je van harte uit op de 8ste Netwerkdag Kwetsbare Migranten en Seksuele Gezondheid, vanaf nu ‘Zanzu Netwerkdag’. De Netwerkdag vindt plaats op donderdag 23 februari 2017 in het Huis van de Sport in Antwerpen. De dag wordt mee mogelijk gemaakt door Zanzu Forum, een netwerk van …

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Results European hiv test week 2015

The results of the European hiv test week of 2015 can be consulted on following website:

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