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Who are we?
The Project supports HIV prevention and sexual health promotion with Sub-Saharan African Migrants (SAM) in Flanders. Together with the Sub-Saharan African communities and their leaders we develop, implement and evaluate targeted HIV prevention campaigns. We also support sub-Saharan African people living with HIV.

Volunteers are an important resource for our prevention work. Your contribution can mean a lot in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As a volunteer you can contact our target audience in a much more informal way

If one or more of following statements applies to you, do not hesitate to contact us:
Do you have good contacts with the African communities?
Do you have spare time on weekends and after work?
Are you socially committed?
Do you like talking to people?
Do you have confidence to talk to people about HIV prevention?
Do you have some computer knowledge?
Are you eager to learn new things?
Are you discrete and can you deal with confidential information?

Activities of our volunteers
Depending on your talents and preferences, you can be involved in one or more of following activities:

You support actively our HIV prevention and sexual health promotion activities with sub-Saharan African migrants in Flanders.
You can be active in the areas of Antwerp, Leuven, Ghent, Mechelen, …

You can be involved in “outreach” activities (festivals, festivals of the African communities, socio-cultural events) where you help with handing out prevention material.

You maintain contacts with the leaders of several African organizations, and with other volunteers. You visit places where many Africans come together to promote sexual health and distribute HIV prevention materials (cafes, churches, hairdressers, …)

You help with the mobilisation of the sub-Saharan community in order to offer HIV tests.

Volunteers Fee
We reimburse possible transportation – and catering cost.
We offer a volunteer fee of maximum 30 euro per day according to the rules of the Belgian volunteer regulations.


Dorothy Adobea
+32 (0)3 247 07 45 or +32 (0)4 75 78 25 71
[email protected]

Calendar 2018

  7th BREACH Symposium: Friday 30st of November Bruges (more information will follow)

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Fundraiser unravel HIV 8th of December

For the fifth year in a row, the Unravel HIV fund will organize a not to be missed gala evening and fundraiser. The yield goes, as always, integrally to research to cure HIV. After the success of last year, this jubilee edition will continue in the Ghent ICC. Host is Luk Alloo – he will …

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Symposium sexual health 14th of December

The Healthcare and Health Agency is organizing a symposium on Sexual Health in the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on Friday the 14th of December. The Symposium is commissioned by Minister Vandeurzen and is organized in collaboration with Sensoa. During the symposium, there will be recommendations to improve sexual health in Flanders in a preventive manner …

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9th of June 2018 World Festival Ngoma – Buurtcentrum Dampoort Ghent

Africa in Flandres invites you cordially to the yearly FREE Ngoma Festival at Doornakkerstraat 54 – 9000 Gent, sponsored by the City of Ghent NgomaFestival2018 Agenda: 12:00 o’clock: Kick off Festival 14:00 o’clock: Work shop djembé with Beh Palm (Burkina Faso) 15.00 o’clock: Opening exhibtion with A.KUMBI (D.R. Congo), J. VELDEMAN (Belgium) and P. WOKMENI …

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Cultural day

  The organization BASI BO MOKO is happy to invite you to a cultural day about Africa. On this day different countries will be discussed and we’ll discuss the values and standards, typical features, dishes, traditions, etc of each country. Do you have African roots? Or do you have African friends or colleagues? Or are …

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Workshop how to live with HIV

Our workshop “living with HIV” starts again in June. The workshops consist of a series of 4 sessions that will continue in June. What: sessions on how to deal with your HIV status. The sessions are intended for people who are HIV positive. Childcare can be arranged if this is requested in advance. When: 2.16, …

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Muungano dinner

It’s that time of the year again! Muungano, peer group, cordinally invites you to their dinner on the 23rd of June. Muungano tries to organize a dinner every year and the menu has never dissapointed. Everybody is welcome to join us in this African feast. There will be enough vegetarian options and everything is halal! Please …

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Interactive workshop HIV stigma Afrika FilmFestival

What: HIV-related stigma is still persistent around the world with a lot of consequences for the people living with HIV, both on an individual level as community level. Dr. Lazare Manirankunda did research about HIV-related stigma in the sub-Saharan African community and will share his results with us. Afterwards we’ll go into discussion with each other …

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Zanzu Network day: 19th of June

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, the Zanzu Network Day of Sensoa will take place. The BEL in Brussels is open that day for all professionals who work with people with a migrant background about sexual health. The agenda contains interesting speakers, workshops and a networking moment. And the day will end with a reception. During …

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My experience at the ILGA Warshaw conference

One of our HIV-sam ambassadors attented the ILGA conference in Warshaw. Read about her impressions and her experiences below. An amazing and breathtaking conference was held in Warsaw, Poland with the focus on CHANGE. The main goal was mobilising communities, whether sub-Saharan communities or not, and assuring the rise of movements. The conference was about homophobic …

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