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GAMS BELGIUM Together against genital mutilation


General Objective

The objective of GAMS Belgium is to contribute to the abandonment of female genital mutilation in Belgium and Worldwide.

Specific objectives

  • Prevent FGM among girls and women at risk living in Belgium ;
  • Reduce the impact on health, both psychological and social, of FGM by giving comprehensive support to girls and women living with FGM and their entourage;
  • promote the consultation and intersectoral action, ensure a plea to a national and international level;
  • Support the programmes for the abandonment of the practice of FGM in Africa.


Our values are based on the principles :
  • Human rights
  • Equality between women and men
  • Lasting development
  • Reproduction and sexual rights


We are trying to put in to practice for the public but also for our employees and volunteers :
  • Listening
  • Respect
  • Participation
  • Emancipation
  • Empowerment

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