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“Diagnosed with HIV? You are not Alone “ is a psychosocial, culturally sensitive workshop  for PLHIV of Sub-Saharan origin to support them in coping with HIV. The workshop provides a safe space people living with HIV of African origins to meet others from the same background and to break their isolation. The most important themes covered by the workshop are positive coping, dealing with emotions, self-management, HIV disclosure, and other practical aspects such as dealing with HIV-related stigma and navigating the health and welfare system. This offer is meant to complement the multidisciplinary care patients receive from the HIV Reference Centres.

For whom?

The workshop is tailored to the needs of people living with HIV of sub-Saharan origin above 18 years old.


Overall goal of the workshop is to improve health-related quality of life.

Specific objectives are:

  • To improve participants’ coping skills, including understanding their condition and dealing with emotional distress in relation to their HIV diagnosis;
  • To enable participants to make informed choices about communicating their HIV-status to their families and social networks;
  • To enable participants to fully use the existing health and social services, such as the psychosocial support offered by HIV-organizations, peer support groups and other existing support services; and to support them in making informed healthcare related decisions;
  • To motivate participants to adopt health-promoting behaviors, such as remaining in care, adhering to medication and leading healthy lifestyles.



The workshop is given in four full-day sessions spread over one month. The four sessions are delivered by a trained facilitator and co-facilitator.

The main health-related and psychosocial themes covered in the four sessions are:

  • Knowledge of HIV and general health literacy for PLHIV;
  • Self-managing skills, including accessing to social and professional support;
  • Practical skills such as coping strategies, self-regulation of emotions, adherence, and HIV disclosure skills;
  • Making of a personal change plan describing how participants will achieve a desired goal related to improving their health-related quality of life.

When & Where

The workshop is organized two times a year, in different regions in Flanders in collaboration with Sensoa and the HIV Reference Centres.

How to participate in the workshop

For patients:

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please contact Charles Ddungu, workshop coordinator, tel: 032476481, GSM: 0479500398, e-mail: [email protected].

For professionals:

If you are interested in offering such a workshop at your center or organization, please contact: Charles Ddungu, workshop coordinator, tel: 032476481, GSM: 0479500398, e-mail: [email protected].

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