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World AIDS Day 1st December 2020
2020 has been a challenging year, whereby COVID_19 restrictions made us innovate in order to keep track of our core mission: reaching out to communities of Sub-Saharan origin and working together for sexual health of all.
1st December will be World Aids Day (WAD), the day that we come together and show our respect to those who dies of HIV related diseases (more than 32 million since the pandemic began), and to renew our forces in the fight against the virus
Thus, in order to keep in touch with most of you during in a Corona proof way, we want to come together ONLINE to celebrate and cherish our solidarity in the fight against not only HIV, but also against COVID-19.
So, this year’s World’s Aids Day will be organised in the following ways:
1. Preparatory zoom meeting with our collaborator We will organise a preparatory Zoom meeting during the weekend of 29-30 November to:
Get explanation our colleagues Marie-Joshua and Jean-Claude on how to be engaged ONLINE in the fight against HIV and to show our solidarity with those living with HIV
To prepare for the 1st of December
2. Thematic Zoom meeting on 1 December for all
We will ‘gather’ online on the 1st of December to join the global community in the fight against HIV and COVID_19 and to show our solidarity with people living with HIV (PLHIV).
The following procedure will guide our meeting:
testimonies of living with HIV,
Live short talk from some of our community members about their prevention activities
Live open discussion on HIV/Covid, including questions and answers,
slide show of our pictures about volunteering with the HIV-SAM project
Video recorded stories from our community members on HIV-related stigma
Video recorded explanation of the meaning Undetectable = Untransmittable and its importance
The Jerusalem dance to close the meeting

If you are interested to participate, send a mail to or;
Don’t forget to follow us on FB:, on Instagram: hivsamwellness#; and to visit our website :

We hope to see you in big numbers. Please mobilise and motivate as many people as possible in your organisation, church or social network to attend the 1st December event.
These are paid activities for all our collaborators (individual volunteers and leaders of organisations/churches), so please register beforehand so that we can process payments on your accounts immediately after the meetings.

Warm greetings, stay safe and take good care of yourself

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