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Getting my HIV diagnosis was a terrible shock! I was even thinking of suicide… Later I got in touch with Muungano and met other people in the same situation during their monthly meetings… Now I know much more about HIV, I feel much better; I am even planning my future. Muungano has become a second family to me…

To improve the quality of life of Sub-Saharan Africans living with HIV and to support them in coping with their disease, we facilitate patient support groups. The Muungano group offers peer support in both French and Dutch. With monthly meetings the participants aim to break the isolation, are empowered to share experiences, and give each other support. The groups alternate between thematic sessions and recreational outings. Group work is facilitated using different strategies and techniques. For instance, we conducted a body mapping workshop to support coping with HIV and HIV disclosure.

The groups decide on the topics of the thematic meetings, according to their needs. Topics may cover a variety of issues from legal concerns, adherence, healthy nutrition, sexual and reproductive health, to relationship issues, a.o..

Are you interested in joining a patient support group?

  • Contact Charles Ddungu, facilitator of the groups:
  • Or find more information in our Muungano leaflets

Are you a professional and interested in starting a patient support group?

  • Contact dr. Lazare Manirankunda for guidance and advice

Do you want to help us in the fight against HIV

Who are we? The Project supports HIV prevention and sexual health promotion with Sub-Saharan African Migrants (SAM) in Flanders. Together with the Sub-Saharan African communities and their leaders we develop, implement and evaluate targeted HIV prevention campaigns. We also support sub-Saharan African people living with HIV. Profile Volunteers are an important resource for our prevention …

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Social Stigma: The Hidden Threat of COVID-19.

Stigma is a pervasive problem that creates more fear and anger against people instead of focusing on the illness behind it. Stigma has its basis in discrimination against a group of people, a place or a nation. During this pandemic, people tend to look for a culprit for the situation out of fear of illness …

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Are COVID-19 vaccines safe for people living with HIV?

The COVID-19 vaccines offered in Europe today have been approved by regulators including the European Medicines Agency. The vaccines are tested for safety in humans during development and are therefore only approved if safety is proven in most people, including those living with HIV. Before vaccines are licensed for scale-up, national regulatory authorities assess the …

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Safe COVID-19 vaccines for all ~ Message from the EU

Vaccination against COVID-19 started on 27 December 2020 across the European Union, in a moment of unity. A safe and effective vaccine is our lasting way out of the pandemic. The European Commission has been working tirelessly to secure doses of vaccines, and approved three COVID-19 vaccines, which were assessed as being safe and effective. …

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Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year

The Hiv-Sam team wishes you a healthy and prosperous 2021, may it become a blooming period for both professional and private life and may we soon see all HIV and Corona problems come to an end. Christiana, Ddungu, Lazare, Monique

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World Aids Dag World AIDS Day 1st December 20202020 has been a challenging year, whereby COVID_19 restrictions made us innovate in order to keep track of our core mission: reaching out to communities of Sub-Saharan origin and working together for sexual health of all.1st December will be World Aids Day (WAD), the day that we come together …

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Invitation HIV post-fall conferences webinar 26th November 7-8:30 pm

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Let’s educate ourselves about COVID-19

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How to wear a non-medical fabric mask safely?

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